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Tour | Raw Truth Book | The Raw Truth Book+ Tour: Pimp Slap the...

What if the most hurtful, embarrassing,
or shameful thing you’ve ever experienced
IS the key to your destiny?

And what if in one inspiring and insightful day,
you could pimp slap that past, torch the bullshit,
and live YOUR TRUTH out loud?

Dear Truth-Teller,

Do any of these questions feel like a sucker punch?

  • Are you performing socially acceptable acts of self-hate (i.e., overworking, over-giving, over-eating, saying yes when you really mean no, being the workhorse for other people’s dreams, being “nice,” etc.) and don’t know 
    how to stop?
  • Do you self-sacrifice to keep the peace but secretly resent the hell out 
    of your boo, kids, parents, or anyone you truly respect and love?
  • Has the hurt child in you been silenced for so long, you don’t speak up for yourself as an adult, or when you do, it comes out as scorching flames torching your dreams and damaging your relationships?
  • Have you turned yourself into the scapegoat, free labor, or beast of burden
    for EVERYONE else’s dreams but your own?
  • Are you the “wallet,” financially taking care of people who don’t give a fuck about you unless you pay the bill? They dole out their love, praise, and approval ONLY after the money rolls in. #speaktruthhere
  • Have you hit an invisible glass ceiling on your income or profitability because you’re unintentionally triggered by the impact of your parents’ past behaviors, and it’s showing up in your life?
  • Has your addiction to security kept you under charging in your business, tolerating a work environment that sucks the life out of you, or in a relationship where you trade sex and feigned helplessness for a comfortable life? #pickyourpoison
  • Do you KNOW in your bones you were born to change the world, but no matter how much you hustle, grind, slave, or sacrifice, you can’t seem to get out of your own way? So you “settle”— and YOU know you have…

If any of these questions feel like a kick in the teeth, I so feel you… 
I’ve done ALL of these things (and more), and I want YOU to know you are not alone. 
I’ve been where you are.
And we’ll get to me in a moment, but for now… 
Dream with me.


What if…

  • You were able to confidently ask for what you want and get it because you stand for the value you bring to each and every situation—without explaining yourself?
  • You started to attract “whole love” instead of settling for wounded people in your life that hurt you because they are still hurt?
  • You started to speak your truth, with love and were okay with people losing their shit? How would your view of yourself change? How would you feel?
  • You stopped self-sacrificing and hurting yourself to help those you love? I know it’s noble, but wouldn’t it feel SO GOOD to take care of yourself first or be taken care of for a change?
  • You felt profound peace because you forgave yourself for all the things you’re secretly ashamed of?
  • You fulfilled your destiny, lived your dreams, AND were willing to be paid TOP DOLLAR for YOUR genius while YOU transform the world with it!

It’s time to set yourself free
to live your most authentic and abundant life!

It’s possible…
and I know because I’ve done it.

On December 8, 2017, I, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, discovered fibroid tumors that were pissing off my kidneys, forcing me to have an emergency hysterectomy. The stress of my marriage and the non-stop pressure of growing a multi-million-dollar home-based business were taking their toll—and my body was the outlet. It was breaking down, leaving me only one option…

I prayed.

I prayed a prayer that imploded my life: “God, please get what’s in the way out of the way to fulfill my destiny.”

NEVER did I think it would be the end of my marriage. 
NEVER did I dream it would mean ongoing treatments and procedures to heal my body. And NEVER, EVER, EVER did I think my business, which grossed $5 mil+ in less than six years, would burn to the ground.

But it was.

These experiences were all catalysts.

The root cause for these catastrophes was born on the streets. My father, who was a hustler and a pimp, kept my mother from aborting me but left me to the streets. My momma put me out starting at 12. By the time I was 16, I was a surviving on the streets by eating out of trashcans, sleeping in piss and beer, and picking up the crumpled Hennessey and Coke-stained dollar bills for the strippers off the floor so I could get a cut.

I was taught that I was a piece of shit and didn’t deserve to breathe free air.

I believed what I was taught. I hated myself, and I buried that self-hate under success. By the time I discovered I had tumors, I had all the trappings of success (i.e., mansion, Mercedes, Lexus, quarterly vacations all over the world, etc.), but it was a panic-driven sprint. I was always trying to outrun the voice of my mother telling me I would never amount to shit and the absence of the one person who loved me enough to fight for my life: my father.

I had made it out, but I couldn’t outrun the unhealed trauma held deep in my body.
I couldn’t ignore the massive amounts of change, the signs, and the crumbling…

It truly WAS the answered prayer!

Now, I am living my BEST LIFE, A FULFILLED LIFE:

  • My bichon puppy, Happy, and I live in a great condo in downtown San Diego that has the most beautiful sunrises.
  • I have a new C300 convertible Benz—red ragtop, red leather seats, pearl white body. #sexyaf
  • I have a new marketing practice that transforms conscious top performers and market leaders into a category of one so they can STOP being the best and START being the only.


This has been my dream since I was a child. I grew up around so much violence, so much pain, I wanted to help the world stop hurting. In my little girl mind, that translated to being on TV. I wanted to be “big,” to be “famous,” to talk to the world through the medium everyone was watching… but I was scared. Deep down inside, I’ve always felt inadequate. So instead of giving my all to my dreams, I settled for being successful. I got a good education, career, marriage, and home. I lived the good life. 

And I was happy—but not fulfilled.

When my life fell apart (the answered prayer), I started to write the truth. 
The real truth. 
The raw truth.

I couldn’t say it—but I could write it.

Now I’m creating a life that is no longer rooted in past behaviors of
people-pleasing, self-sacrifice, and shame.

And it all started with me telling the truth.

All because I was willing to tell the truth, my truth, and let it go to work.

Are you?

The truth, your truth, is the key to YOU fulfilling your destiny.
Are you willing to tell YOUR truth? To own your truth? To live your truth out loud in service of your dreams, your freedom, your destiny?

If the answer is yes, then I invite you to walk with me. Let’s commune, connect, and let the truth go to work—live and in person!

Dr. Venus Opal Reese presents…

The Raw Truth Book+ Tour:

Pimp Slap the Past into Peace, Purpose,
Passion & Profits!

Unlike conventional book tours, this is a full-day experience for book lovers, lifetime learners, and theatergoers. Not only will you get the opportunity to have your book autographed by me in person but you’ll learn the principles behind “pimpin’ your pain” for peace and profits AND see the book come to life during my one-woman show.

Your three-part experience includes:


The Book Signing: Bring your copy of my bestselling book, The Raw Truth: A Pimp Daughter’s Diary, or purchase one on-site (come early to get yours before they are sold out!), and let’s grab a photo together.


The Wealth Workshop: During this three-hour session, I will share how I turned my painful and traumatic childhood into peace, purpose, passion, and profits. If you have ever felt trapped by the past, knowing there’s SO much more for you, don’t miss this session!

  • I am also including “love seats,” where a few select audience members get to come on stage where I use my multi-million-dollar brain to show you how to monetize your pain or turn your pain into purpose!
  • We will finish the session by passing the mic to members in the audience (you?) for “Share YOUR Truth” moments to be witnessed, heard, seen, and confirmed by a loving tribe of fellow “Truth-Tellers” who understand.


The Solo Performance: This is where the book comes to LIFE! It’s one thing to read my powerful and raw words on the page, and it’s great to learn how YOU can pimp your own pain into peace or profits. But to SEE, FEEL, and WITNESS me bringing my words to life? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can’t get ANYWHERE else on the planet!


Normally, my workshops start at $1997. Or a ticket to see a world premiere of a play, stand-up act or a music concert can range from $65 to $5,000. And these days tickets to see a Broadway play, headlining stand-up act, or world premiere concert start at $200 and skyrocket up in to the 1,000’s.

Let’s make this investment a “no brainer” for you…

Not only will you get the signing and photo op with me but you’ll see me bring the book to LIFE right in front of your eyes. And here’s the magic that’s specifically waiting for you:

The Wealth Workshop

I’m including a wealth workshop so you can “pimp your own pain” into ANY form of wealth you want!

  • Ready to become a multimillionaire? Attend this workshop.
  • Hungry to heal the baggage you carry from your parents? Attend this workshop.
  • Committed to fulfilling your destiny? ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP!

I’m focusing on REVEALING proven principles BEHIND the pain that you can monetize or 
turn into a movement. It’s EXACTLY how I, a nobody from birth, grossed $5,000,000 in the
past six years. Don’t you want to know how I did that so you can learn from my example?

So yes, I am providing you with a book signing, photo op, and a LIVE experience that will inspire you beyond belief!

AND I am doing something more…

I’m giving you the keys out of YOUR personal hell of living your life (i.e.,
self-doubt, self-sacrifice, relationship drama, plateaued business, career success, happiness, fulfillment—you name it!) as an effect of the past so you can get out of the past and start creating your future.

AND I am pricing it in such a way it’s a “no brainer.” You don’t have to think about this. Meaning you would have to be NUTS to let this deal pass you by!

There are two forms of access to this one-of-a-kind book tour:


VIP Seating & Reception TICKET



Either option is a steal!

BUT KEEP IN MIND− SPACE IS LIMITED! Each tour stop will be held in an actual theater, meaning the number of seats cannot be changed. So when you wait and we sell out (like we always do!), you will have missed one of the most impactful events of your life.

You will learn, by example, how to harness your hurt into myriad forms of wealth—a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and money-making strategies—just by showing up!

Watching someone who has monetized her pain into a multi-million-dollar home-based
business and brand is pretty extraordinary.

During this event, you will not only witness and experience the raw emotion and authenticity of my words come to life but you will also see how I do it. How cool is that? Name another person who is willing to pull the curtain back so you can see the “how” AND who is making the investment so reasonable there is no reason for you NOT to attend!

Book Signing

12 - 1:30pm

Wealth Workshop

2 - 5pm

Solo Performance

7 - 8pm

Post-Show Reception (VIP ONLY)

8 - 9:30pm

Testimonials & Tantalizing Tidbits From Previous Tours:

If it’s your time to live your truth out loud,
then I invite you to come and claim it with us!

Be part of a revolutionary moment where we own our truth together, and take back your personal power. In today’s social climate, it is an act of insurrection to love yourself enough to live your truth. Let’s live it together!

This is a safe space to try—to give yourself the internal permission to let yourself be known. 
NO judgement. 
NO condemnation. 
NO punitive consequences.

Your truth is valid. 
I honor you. I respect your walk, and I celebrate your truth as a triumph over the past!

Let’s be brave… together. 
Claim your seat forThe Raw Truth Book+ Tour: Pimp Slap the Past into Peace,
Purpose, Passion, and Profits

Your truth is valid, and so is the truth of everyone you love. I have learned that my freedom and fulfillment mean NOTHING if the people in my life are not growing and thriving as well. I think about Harriet Tubman. She escaped to freedom but was not at peace until she helped others have the same shot. Some people said no to freedom, and others said yes. But without Harriet being brave on behalf of herself and others, she would not be on the front of the $20 bill in the near future.

So here is an opportunity to be like Harriet for the people in your life who may still be trapped by the past. Invite them. Stand for them. Bring them to this experience so we all can heal and grow… together.

I have made this experience so accessible you can bring ALL your sororities, your women’s networking group, your mastermind members, and your recovery groups! My point is this: This is a communal experience you will want to discuss and relive long after the tour has moved on.

So don’t come alone.

Bring a group of 10 or more to really liberate the women (and the men who love us!) to give themselves permission to live their truth out loud. It starts with you. And we lift as we climb.

And just to sweeten the pot… 

SAN DIEGO! ($20k Value)

The first ten attendees (get your ticket first!) who make it their business that twenty-five other people get to
experience The Raw Truth Book+ Tour are invited to sunny San Diego to work with me on their business or heal wounds that are undermining their destiny. My time is precious, and my energy is the rarest commodity I have. Both are priceless. My private clients invest anywhere between $20k–$120k to work with me directly. This group VIP day is my way of giving you the best that I have in service of us lifting as we climb.


This is an entertainment and learning experience. Your experience is completely subjective.

If you attend the entire day and decide you were not entertained, did not learn anything at all, were not inspired on any level, or did not receive any value whatsoever, I will refund your ticket. You must attend the ENTIRE day (the book signing, the wealth workshop, and the solo performance) to qualify for the refund and present the supporting documentation. And you must come being open to the experience. If you are a taker or a user, don’t come. Save yourself the headache of documenting the process to apply for the refund.

The refund policy does not include if you get offended, you can’t find parking, you come late, you don’t “like” something, or you don’t enjoy the delivery of the day. If it’s not your cup of tea or doesn’t meet your expectations, this is not grounds for a refund. This is not a “backdoor” policy to use if you don’t like the way we do business. The refund policy ONLY applies to you being truthful about receiving value, being entertained, and/or learning something.

I have never had anyone attend any of my events and receive absolutely no value from it. But I want you to know I am willing to refund a person who participates FULLY and with an open heart and tells the truth. I want you to say, “Worth every penny!” by the end of the day. But only for people with integrity—not takers, complainers, or motherfuckers who are simply trying to get something for nothing.

A ticket can be transferred. Email support@defyimpossible.com to do so at least 48 hours before the event starts.

I can’t say this enough: SEATS ARE LIMITED! Don’t wait until the last minute—you will be
pissed and have to fly to another state to participate at a later date! Do yourself the favor of committing now, and then work out the details. AND SHOW UP! You will kick yourself if you jump off this page and come back only to discover your city has SOLD OUT! It has happened before. And it’s heartbreaking. We don’t have any more seats beyond what the theater was built for.

Can we please NOT go through all of that stress and drama? Please?

Claim your seat at The Raw Truth Book+ Tour: Pimp Slap the Past into Peace, Purpose, Passion, and Profits


If you’re planning on bringing people, buy your ticket first, then follow the instructions in your email to get you a link so you get credit. It’s easy to do and the first step is getting your own ticket now.

During this robust, insightful, and riveting day you will:

  • Have the opportunity to have me, Dr. Venus, autograph your book AND take a photo with you as a memento or as a piece of collateral for your marketing mix!
  • Discover what “pimpin’” REALLY is and how your pain is having its way with you!
  • Witness the alchemy of turning pain into peace, purpose, passion, and profits right in front of your eyes!
  • Get the chance to work with me directly on stage to discover your million-dollar money maker or your destiny-driven movement in service of humanity.
  • Experience me bring the grit and rawness of my words to life on stage!


Join me for the entire day! Look, you have wasted a day getting lost in the mall, getting caught up on email, or cleaning your garage!!! Invest the TIME in yourself to be spiritually fed and emotionally understood by a group of people who have walked through life’s fire, just like you have, and are on the other side of their past and now committed to living free! Just. Like. You. ☻ #weareinthistogether

AND STAY THE WHOLE DAY!!!! Don’t shortchange yourself by doing this half-assed! You are worth SO much more than to piecemeal your peace. Commit to you. By committing to yourself to be fully present for all three parts of this experience, you are saying to yourself, God, and mankind that you are SERIOUS about YOU! This is an investment. And you are worth every second and every penny. Self-love shows up in your actions. Love yourself enough to do this for real, for real.

On a personal note…

I know what it’s like to come from the gutter and frequent the esteemed halls of academia. From poor to rich. To having it all to losing it all. To starting over. This tour—the book signing, the wealth workshop, and the solo performance—it’s for you. To give you hope when you feel like the past, the pain, has won. No. It hasn’t. You. Are. Here. You are reading these words because you can feel in your heart there’s more for you. You have a destiny. And the past doesn’t get to control you anymore.

This tour is simply a reminder that your truth is valid….

Learn from me. Without a model, all you can do is guess. I am willing to lay my soul bare so you can see what it looks like to live free and unafraid—to walk in your truth naked and fearless. But I can’t show you if you don’t show up.

But if you do choose to invest the money, time, and self-trust to attend, I promise you this:

You will leave this day LIBERATED in your own
truth with courage and confidence.


Yes. Please email support@defyimposible.com at least 48 hours before your tour 
stop to give the name of the person who will be attending in your place.

No. All tickets are sold in advance due to limited seating and preparation for the VIP 
post-show reception.

No. The content is for a mature adult audience only. 

Absolutely. But please know we will be discussing street life. Nothing bad, but if you are a traditional Christian, you may be offended by my language and personal relationship with God. I am a street girl. And I love the Lord. So I don’t judge myself. If you are rooted in judgment, then I recommend you not attend. I say that in love.

No. We will finish the workshop at 5 p.m. and start the one-woman show at 7 p.m. That will give you time to grab a bite and make it back in time to see the performance. 

There will be very light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The real value of the Post-Show VIP Reception is the direct access to me, Dr. Venus. My private clients pay from $20k to $120k to have me in their ear. The reception is the opportunity to be included in my “inner circle” that includes my family and my team and to discuss what opened up for you AFTER the day is finished. It’s a rare opportunity.

I look forward to seeing you on The Raw Truth Book+ Tour!

I love you,

P.S. What do you have to lose? 47 bucks is less than your smartphone, a pair of shoes, or even a month’s worth of Starbucks! We’re going to have a good time, and if nothing else, you will be entertained and meet some incredible people! Come spend the day with me!!! It will be AMAZING!!

P.S. If you can’t make the world premiere weekend, here are 5 other tour stops to choose from.

No, they will not be as special as the World Premiere. ☻ But hell, you will get MORE value than you can shake a stick at! LOL, I promise!