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Raw Truth Book

Wow! The Raw Truth does not disappoint.

…Be prepared for a beautifully harsh poetic roller coaster of hard emotions…that somehow, unites women in a way most of us will never admit.

- Kristin M. Young

This is Deliverance in action.

Dr. V, through her words, has given us permission to express the pain and conquer the demon inside like a fiery dragon.

- Margarette Baynham

Must Read Literary Masterpiece of "Raw Truth" delivered by a Brilliant Writer and Wordsmith.

- Shelley Andrews

From chapter to chapter I was hooked.

[Dr. Venus] opens her soul and shows a vulnerability that most people are afraid to even talk about.

This book has made me look at my life and challenge myself to become the best that I can be.

- Lynne Mack


This book is a story written in a way that is a prayer, poem, and truth from the deepest heart place. It’s compelling and raw and made me cry several times. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to realize their strength and truth!

- Kisma